1: 2024 Outlander Recap: Claire and Jamie face new challenges as they navigate life in the future.

2: War threatens the Frasers' peace, while Brianna and Roger search for their missing son.

3: A mysterious figure from Jamie's past returns, casting doubt on loyalties within the clan.

4: Murder and betrayal shake the Ridge, leaving the Frasers reeling from the consequences.

5: Roger's dark secret threatens to tear his family apart, while Claire makes a dangerous discovery.

6: As tensions rise, Jamie must choose between duty and family, with lives hanging in the balance.

7: Brianna struggles with her identity, while Roger uncovers a shocking truth about his heritage.

8: The Frasers must band together to face a powerful enemy and protect their loved ones.

9: In a season of loss and redemption, the Outlander family finds strength in unity and love.