1: Anne Hathaway's Impact on Film Experience the evolution of Anne Hathaway's career in Hollywood

2: The Princess Diaries See how Anne Hathaway captured hearts as the lovable Princess Mia

3: The Devil Wears Prada Witness Hathaway's transformation into the fierce and fashionable Andy Sachs

4: Les Misérables Watch Hathaway's unforgettable performance as the tragic Fantine

5: The Dark Knight Rises Explore Hathaway's portrayal of the iconic Catwoman in this blockbuster hit

6: Alice in Wonderland Discover Hathaway's whimsical role as the White Queen in this magical adventure

7: Interstellar Experience Hathaway's emotional journey through space in this mind-bending film

8: Ocean's 8 Join Hathaway and a star-studded cast in this stylish heist movie

9: Anne Hathaway's Legacy Celebrate Hathaway's enduring impact on the world of film and her iconic characters.