1: Introduction Explore how macroeconomic factors influence Rivian's stock price.

2: Inflation Higher inflation may lead to increased costs for Rivian, impacting stock price.

3: Unemployment Rising unemployment can dampen consumer spending, affecting Rivian's stock performance.

4: Interest Rates Fluctuations in interest rates can impact Rivian's borrowing costs and stock price.

5: GDP Growth Strong economic growth can boost consumer confidence and drive Rivian's stock price up.

6: Currency Exchange Rates Changes in exchange rates can influence Rivian's sales and profitability, affecting stock price.

7: Government Policies Regulatory changes or tax reforms can impact Rivian's operations and stock price.

8: Global Trade Trade restrictions or tariffs may affect Rivian's supply chain and stock price.

9: Conclusion Understanding macroeconomic factors is crucial for predicting and analyzing Rivian's stock price movements.