1: Enhance your garden with stone accents. Create a focal point using a stone fountain or sculpture.

2: Add texture with stone pathways. Choose from various shapes and sizes to compliment your garden.

3: Create seating areas with stone benches or seating walls. Perfect for relaxing in your garden oasis.

4: Build raised beds with stone borders. Perfect for planting flowers or vegetables in your garden.

5: Incorporate a stone fire pit for cozy evenings outdoors. Gather friends and family for a relaxing night.

6: Use stone planters to showcase your favorite flowers or plants. Add a touch of elegance to your garden.

7: Define garden spaces with stone walls or edging. Create boundaries and add structure to your outdoor space.

8: Install a stone waterfall feature for a tranquil atmosphere. Enjoy the soothing sounds of water in your garden.

9: Finish off your garden design with a stone patio. Perfect for outdoor dining or lounging in style.