1: Meet Halsey Discover the journey of Halsey's creative process in music and beyond.

2: Inspiration Strikes Learn how Halsey finds inspiration for her music through personal experiences.

3: Writing Process Explore Halsey's unique approach to writing lyrics and composing melodies.

4: Collaborations Delve into the collaborations that have shaped Halsey's music career.

5: Visual Storytelling See how Halsey uses visuals to enhance her music and connect with fans.

6: Beyond Music Experience how Halsey's creativity extends beyond music into other art forms.

7: Growth and Evolution Witness Halsey's growth and evolution as an artist throughout her career.

8: Impact and Influence Understand the impact and influence Halsey has had on the music industry and beyond.

9: Future Endeavors Look ahead to Halsey's future projects and the continued evolution of her creative process.