1: Smooth Operator: The Roberta Flack Chronicles - Explore the life and music of the legendary singer-songwriter.

2: Early Life - Learn about Roberta Flack's upbringing and early influences in North Carolina.

3: Rise to Fame - Discover how Roberta Flack became a chart-topping sensation in the 1970s.

4: Iconic Hits - From "Killing Me Softly" to "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face," celebrate Roberta Flack's most iconic songs.

5: Musical Legacy - Roberta Flack's impact on R&B and soul music continues to inspire generations of artists.

6: Awards and Recognition - Explore Roberta Flack's impressive collection of Grammy Awards and accolades.

7: Personal Life - Get a glimpse into the private life of the enigmatic songstress.

8: Collaborations - Learn about Roberta Flack's collaborations with other music legends.

9: Enduring Influence - Discover how Roberta Flack's timeless music continues to resonate with audiences worldwide.