1: Discover how Komodo dragons survive on a diet of deer, birds, and even other Komodo dragons.

2: Learn how Komodo dragons use their keen sense of smell to track down prey from miles away.

3: The deadly Komodo dragon relies on stealth and patience to ambush unsuspecting prey.

4: Find out how these massive lizards use their powerful jaws and sharp teeth to take down prey.

5: Komodo dragons can consume up to 80% of their body weight in one meal, thanks to their expandable stomachs.

6: Explore the hunting behavior of Komodo dragons and how they have evolved to be such efficient predators.

7: Komodo dragons are solitary hunters, using their speed and agility to overpower prey.

8: The diet of a Komodo dragon consists mainly of carrion, as they scavenge for food in their harsh environment.

9: Discover the essential role of hunting in the survival of these fascinating creatures.